“There is no one right way to grow. See what is beautiful in every person’s path, in every religion, and every belief system. Honor other people’s paths even if they are different from yours. Be inclusive and loving, and look beyond the form of people’s beliefs to the essence. There is no right way; there is only the way that is right for you.” -Sanaya Roman


We are all on a personal journey.  Choose to enjoy the moments and inspire people along the way. At Hello Beautiful Boutique, we sell products that are good for you; your mind, body, soul, and the planet.  80% of our products are created by local artisans.  This helps reduce our carbon footprint and supports our local communities and small businesses.  When we can’t find a product locally we purchase from companies that are fair trade, use organic ingredients when possible, don’t use harmful toxins or chemicals, are cruelty free, use recycled or upcycled materials when possible, and care about you and the planet.  We also host a variety of classes to help you on your journey; from Yoga to Reiki to Essential Oils to Healing Crystals to Personal Growth to Art Therapy.

“If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path.”