April 2017 Newsletter

NEW! Extended Hours
We are fast approaching our one year anniversary and what an amazing ride it has been! We are so thankful for the acceptance of the community and the kindness of our customers and the relationships we have built. We have grown so much in this first year and we are gearing up for more growth! We have evaluated the data and have decided to extend our hours beginning April 10th!

Sunday 11 am to 5 pm

Monday 9 am to 7 pm

Tuesday 9 am to 6 pm

Wednesday 9 am to 7 pm

Thursday 9 am to 6 pm

Friday 9 am to 6 pm

Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

And as always…if the light is on…we are OPEN!!

Chakra Series: What are Chakras?
You have probably heard us mention it a time or two, you may even have learned a little in our Reiki 101 class or at one of our healing crystal classes. But what are they and why is it important for us to learn about them? Beginning in April, we are going to take a deeper look into each chakra with our 7 month Chakra Series. We will begin with the Root Chakra in April and learn about a chakra each month. We will host several classes each month to learn about these chakras. It is not required to attend each class or even each month, choose what feels right for you. Our Chaka Series with Healing Crystals will dive into meditation to open clogged chakras as well as what healing crystals will help. Chakra Series with Essential Oils will talk about what problems and conditions are associated with the chakra and how we can use essential oils to help. And once a month we will host a Chakra Yoga class that will teach you yoga poses to strength each chakra. A few times during this series, we will host a Reiki 101 workshop with Reiki Master Roberta Levine when you can experience how a Reiki session can also open those blocked chakras and how we can heal each other and our selves.

Chakras with Healing Crystals:

April 12th – Root Chakra

May 10th – Sacral Chakra

June 14th – Solar Plexus Chakra

July 12th – Heart Chakra

August 9th – Throat Chakra

September 13th – Third Eye Chakra

October 11th – Crown Chakra

Chakras with Essential Oils:

April 19th – Root Chakra

May 31st – Sacral Chakra

June 28th – Solar Plexus Chakra

July 26th – Heart Chakra

August 23th – Throat Chakra

September 27th – Third Eye Chakra

October 25th – Crown Chakra

Riverside is opening for their 132nd season and they are opening with a BANG!!! Musicfest 2017!

We will be the main stage sponsor at Musicfest but we will also have some amazing vendors at our Boutique! Stop at our table at the Riverside to receive an awesome coupon (can only be used on boutique items, not vendors) and then head over to the boutique! We will have kids face painting on Saturday as well as some musical kids crafts!

The Beautifully Simple Life Series
We are all busy: kids, job, school, activities, life. We will host workshops to learn how to simplify your life and how it impacts you and the environment. We will be utilizing different elements and techniques including art therapy, minimalism, guided journaling, Feng Shui, self-discovery and acceptance, intention setting, gratitude, and much more! Check our website for more information.

Welcome Brookside Yoga!
Brookside Yoga Studio is coming to Hello Beautiful Boutique! Every Thursday night at 6:30 pm Jen will be leading us in basic yoga flow and Sun Salutations. This class is for all stages of yogis from beginners to advanced. These classes are limited to 12 people so make sure you register on their page for your spot!!! When the weather permits, we will move over to the Riverside Inn gardens for a relaxing and tranquil experience. See Stacy or Amy at Hello Beautiful for your free pass to your first class. After that, Jen will be selling discounted welcome passes (debit/credit card only). Already a member of Brookside Yoga Studio? That’s awesome! You can just use your Punchpass! We are so excited to add this amazing class to our great line up of healing classes! We will also host a Chakra Yoga class once a month that will incorporate what you will learn in our Chakra Series with healing crystals and essential oils!

April Calendar of Events

More exciting news!
Check our Facebook page hbb16403 and our website www.hellobeautiful.boutique for more details about some other great classes and events like Cricut classes, kids classes, and gardening! We will continue to add events throughout the month and watch for some exciting news coming in May for our coffee and tea lovers!