Welcome Fall

Letting go.  That’s a thought.  We are so busy in our lives.  We have so much packed in our brains with appointments, kids, work, extra curricular activities.  Then add the gossip, judgement, ridicule from childhood that you have brought into adulthood or that is currently surrounding you.  Wow!!!  We as humans carry a lot of weight every single day.  So much expectation.  So much pressure.  What if we let the things that are holding us down and holding us back go?  Just like trees, they just let the leaves that are no longer serving a purpose go.  And they do it so beautifully.  I, personally, would keep the leaves so I could stay warm during the cold winter months but the trees are like let’s let go, and give these humans a colorful display of yellows and reds and oranges.  It’s such a beautiful change that we take time out of our lives to drive in the country to see the beauty.  We talk about it in our every day conversations.  Why can’t we be more like trees?  Why can’t we just say for my own personal well being I’m going to let things go?  Those relationships and friendships that are toxic…let them go.  The family that makes you feel bad about yourself…let them go.  The job that doesn’t appreciate you, takes you away from your family, doesn’t pay you what you are worth…let it go.  That sports club that you volunteer, for the church you give your life to, the parent committee you spend hours of your free time cutting out box tops for and all they want is more and more and more and never a thank you…let it go.  When we free ourselves from those things that are holding us down, holding us back, keeping us from living our lives, a beautiful thing within us happens.  We feel alive!  We actually feel like we are living!!  Not for anyone else, but for us!  We now have time to do the things we keep saying “one day when I have more time”.  We have more time for our kids and to enjoy the little things.  Relax, take a trip, let your house be messy, don’t comb your hair, wear your pajamas.  We have ONE life to live!  This is it!!  If we are not excited to wake up in the morning then what are we doing?  Why are we letting these things change who we are and what we want to accomplish?  Am I saying quit your job and move to the beach?  Well no, not exactly.  But maybe!  If that’s what would make you feel better about the life you are living then do it!  Quit that job!  Block that Negative Nelly on Facebook.  Stop taking phone calls from Suzie Homemaker who thinks everything she does is so perfect and everything you do is just not as good.  Maybe you roll the dice big and risk it all!  Maybe you make small changes.  Why do we worry so much about what other people think?  Are they paying your bills?  Then what is it their business what your job is

or how much you make?  Are they taking care of your kids?  Then what is it their business how you are raising them?  Are they volunteering?  Probably not.  So don’t let them tell you what YOU should be doing.  You are being you and YOU ARE AWESOME!!!  So let go of all of those things that are just not letting you be the best you.  Let them go and shine like you were meant to.  Start a new job, move to a new town, try a different church, hang out with a different group of friends, take a new class.  You only have one life to show the world why you are you.  So be like the tree.  Let go of the things and take root into who and what you are, stand tall and be proud of you.